Town kids

Monday, July 5, 2004 — Oliver Trumble, Mayor of Millsberry, stood on the steps of the Town Square yesterday and announced the opening of "Welcome to Millsberry Week."

"Due to the recent influx of new citizens, we felt it necessary to show them a proper welcome," Mayor Trumble said.

Small town, indeed. Millsberry has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last few years, making it one of the fastest growing small cities in the area. This week is a celebration of that fact, giving established residents a way to welcome our new neighbors.

One of the biggest expansions in the city is the Millsberry Arcade. Once a simple pinball hall, it now boasts some of the newest video games, sodas, popcorn and other snacks. And just across the street, the movie theater has moved from a small two screen building to a multi-screen monster movie extravaganza!

Meanwhile, across town, the shopping district has shown signs of growth. Although the farmer's market still attracts families from the countryside surrounding the city, it is now populated with clothing and music shops.

Every day, Millsberry seems to grow just a little more. With new neighborhoods springing up over night, new businesses moving in and new families finding their way to our once small town, it seems like Millsberry will never be the same again!

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