Friday, August 20, 2004 — Nothing smells quite as wonderful as the Farmer's Market, which takes place once a week in front of City Hall. Every Tuesday, a group of farmers from southern Millsberry come into town, bringing with them all of their freshest produce. They have the sweetest corn and crunchiest apples you can imagine, as well as a wide variety of things that anyone can enjoy.

One of the most popular stands at the Farmer's Market is Henry's Honey. Henry is a beekeeper, who collects and bottles his own honey. Young residents of Millsberry save up their change during the week, then show up on Tuesday to purchase Henry's delicious honey sticks, which can be purchased in lots of four for only a single Millsbuck! (It's a well-known fact among the locals though, that if you thank him nicely, he'll throw in an extra one for free!)

There are also several craft booths, where you can buy some of the unique items that are made by a few of the other townspeople. Old Mr. Walmeyer sells a delightful assortment of old-fashioned wooden toys, which he carves himself, and Silvia Brenen sells hand-painted birdhouses. There's always a long line in front of Miss Auntie's stand, which is where, for just a few Millsbucks, she'll embroider any clothing you bring with beautiful designs!

Don't forget about the baked goods, either! Before leaving the Farmer's Market, be sure to pick up some warm, freshly baked bread. Also, if you have a sweet tooth, you have to try Momma Lexington's fresh cherry pie. She's won a number of baking awards for her secret recipe. How she makes them taste so wonderful is still a mystery to everyone in Millsberry.

Even if you can resist all the wonderful items being offered in the booths, the Farmer's Market is still just a great place to stroll around and hang out with your friends. It's become so popular that nearly everyone in town comes by throughout the day. So go ahead: buy yourself a snowcone, find a nice place to sit, and wave to all your friends as they walk by... and hey, if you're feeling especially nice, share a honey stick with them.

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