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Tuesday, August 31, 2004 — Today marks the grand opening of fishing season at the Pond in Peabody Park! Citizens from all over Millsberry are gathering at the lake today for the annual fishing season picnic. It's a great social event, where people can relax, meet other townspeople, and generally have a good time.

Once you're done with lunch, be sure to stop by Bobby's Bait Shack and pick up a new pole, bait, and some great fishing tips. Then head back to the lake, find a nice, shady spot, and sit down with your friends and wait for a bite. In the afternoon, there is a competition to see who can catch the largest of each type of fish. The winner will receive a trophy for their efforts, and have their fish mounted for display in their home.

Even after the Opening Day festivities have concluded, a competition to hook the biggest fish will continue to run. The local fishing scoreboard by the lake will be constantly updated, so that everyone has a chance to get their name up over the course of the season.

Getting your name on the fishing scoreboard is a true status symbol for students of Millsberry Academy, so expect to see lots of students heading towards the lake after school gets out.

Miss May has also announced that her biology class will be taking several field trips to the lake this semester, which will allow students to study the life cycles of fish, frogs, and other wildlife creatures that call the lake their home.

The school's Environment Protection Squad will also be visiting the lake as a credited extracurricular activity, since it's been reported that an unusually high number of boots have been found there. Extremely annoying to those that are trying to catch a meal, the squad has been busy trying to fish them all out. It was even joked that they should consider adding "heaviest boot" to the fishing scoreboard this year!

Mrs. Fiddle, the head librarian at Millsberry Academy, would like to remind students that they are welcome to quietly complete their homework in the library after school is dismissed, so that they may enjoy the rest of their afternoon at the lake. She would also like the students to know that, if they catch a trout over 50 pounds and bring it to her, she will gladly clear their record of any books that were returned late!

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