Friday, September 24, 2004 — In a late-breaking story that just arrived as we were going to press, eyewitnesses have started to surface with claims that the Trix Rabbit (yes, THAT Trix Rabbit!) has been spotted in a number of locations throughout Millsberry.

Our news office has received several reports over the past several days from people claiming to have seen this famously-eager Trix eater. An overview of the Trix Rabbit sightings reveals a fairly regular pattern to this clever Trix consumer's whereabouts.

They began in Ravenwood, where a local actor noticed something funny at a rehearsal. "We were working on our play for the upcoming 'Olde Millsberry Days' celebration. Well, I was about to deliver my line—you know, in the scene where the Millsberry founding fathers made their famous vow to defend the town at all costs—when I looked up and saw that we suddenly had one founding father too many!"

From there, it appears the Trix Rabbit made his way downtown, spending some time at Tania's Hair Salon. "I wasn't sure at first," one witness recounted, "seeing as he looked like just another new employee at the Hair Salon. He was wearing a light blue shirt, and carrying around a pair of scissors and a comb, you know. However, once we got past the small talk, and he started asking things like, 'Say, where could a hungry hair stylist find a nice, big bowl of Trix in these parts?', well... I just sort of put two and two together."

At that point, the Trix Rabbit seems to have made his way towards the grocery store. "He turned up this morning," one of the baggers told us. "Asked to speak with our manager... something about being a city official who needed to check on the measurements of all our counters and shelves. You know, to make sure everything was up to code. Funny, but I could've sworn that they sent someone out here to check on that stuff last week."

As you might imagine, it didn't take long for reports to start springing up that the Trix Rabbit had supposedly been spotted in the Millsberry Academy cafeteria. "It was supposed to be my day off," one of the cafeteria workers told us. "However, I'd left early the day before, so I decided to come in and make up the hours. As you might imagine, I was rather surprised when I arrived to discover that my hair net and smock were missing from the kitchen. That was nothing, though, compared to the shock that I received when I actually found my things... being worn by Millsberry Academy's newest long-eared lunchroom employee!"

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