Tuesday, October 5, 2004 — Continuing last week's headline story, reports of sightings of the Trix Rabbit have been flooding in to The Millsberry Gazette from all over town! Thanks to everyone for reporting their sightings of this celebrity - please keep them coming in!

Interested Millsberry citizens have been keeping an eye out for this long-eared celebrity around town, trying to determine if there is any pattern to his day. So far, it appears that the main thing on this rabbit's agenda is finding every box of Trix cereal in Millsberry!

Recently, he appeared to have begun his day with a scenic walk and exercise (including a little skateboarding), to build up some hunger for his favorite cereal. Because he is a very active rabbit, don't expect to see him hanging around in one location for too long! After his morning workout, it seems he may have stopped by some of the buildings in downtown Millsberry looking for an opportunity to find some Trix!

Since many around Millsberry have started to take notice of the Trix Rabbit, he's had to move on to new areas of town, and he has become much more ingenious about the disguises he's been wearing in public. Wigs, false mustaches, and costumes are all means he has employed to "fit in" to various Millsberry locations. Those floppy white ears usually give him away, though, so keep your eyes peeled... he could be standing right next to you!

Since the local grocer went on the lookout for this famous rabbit, he cleverly moved on to the Millsberry Academy cafeteria for a short while... that is, until the cafeteria workers found him by the cereal supplies. After this spotting, he took off through the school, visiting various classrooms and, according to an anonymous source, he may even have accidentally interrupted a spelling bee!

Flustered by being spotted so many times over the past few days, the Trix rabbit took a few hours to visit a dimly-lit place and hang low doing a little volunteer work until the search for him had diminished a bit. After that, he took off to get some fresh air, although it ended up being a bit wetter than he anticipated.

Most recently, rumors are that he may head back downtown to take in a little entertainment. Several fans were secretly attempting to tail him, eager to find where the famous rabbit would visit next! However, that clever rabbit gave everyone the slip! Millsberry citizens are still very curious as to where he will show up next, but it seems like that information will remain a mystery for a while longer.

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