Tuesday, October 12, 2004 — Numerous reports have flooded into the Gazette that the Trix Rabbit has been sighted in Lakeview! Hundreds of citizens are racing to the scene for a glimpse of this elusive rabbit! We here at the Gazette recommend you find a comfortable spot to hide, and watch the area very carefully for a while. You never know when that rabbit might speed past you!

The number of sightings has also been high around the skate park next to Peabody Pond, and in the neighborhood of Ravenwood. Apparently, it seems that this talented rabbit is a fan of skateboarding. After all that exercise, he's sure to be hungry, so keep a close eye on your Trix cereal!

More appearances have also been reported around the Millsberry Academy. Reports are that he really likes those spellings bees. Also, from what we hear, the Trix Rabbit is rather fond of shooting hoops on the Academy's outside basketball courts. So if you're in the area, be sure to stay on the lookout!

No matter where you are, the best advice is to keep your eyes peeled, as this clever rabbit can be very difficult to spot!

In unrelated news, Edna Nelson has found an assistant to help her keep the Historical Society well organized. Why don't you stop by and introduce yourself?

If you should happen to encounter the Trix Rabbit while making your way through town, please contact the Millsberry Gazette. We will be giving special prizes to citizens who report seeing this famous celebrity!

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