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Saturday, October 23, 2004 — The house at 9555 Willow Wood Way stands under a bank of weeping willow trees, their branches all leaning heavily over the crest of the house. It is one of the oldest houses in Millsberry - and one of the more famous. Or, if you like, more infamous! Because everyone knows that 9555 Willow Wood Way, also known as Red Lion Manor, is the spookiest house in Ravenwood!

In addition to being rumored as haunted, Red Lion Manor is also a living history museum. The family who owns the Manor, the Mosleys, live in the house and maintain its important artifacts. "We look after the china and furniture," Jacob Mosley said. Then, he jokes: "We also take care of the ghosts."

His wife, Martha Mosley also jokes about the Manor's supposedly ghostly guests. "I suppose it can be spooky at night," she said, "but I think that has more to do with the Manor's reputation." When asked if she's actually seen a ghost, she says, "I don't know. I've heard a few things, but old houses make all kinds of sounds."

In addition to Halloween fast approaching, this week is also Red Lion Manor's two hundredth birthday and the Mosleys are ready for both. "We've got a sleepover planned for Mr. Fort's science class this weekend," Mr. Mosley said. "It should be fun."

Mr. Arthur Fort, Millsberry Academy's science teacher, is almost as infamous as the house - for his skepticism. "I'm going to show the kids once and for all there is no such thing as ghosts," he told this reporter. "And you're welcome to come along and see for yourself."

With the Millsberry Annual Trick or Treat Extravaganza just around the corner, I think I'll skip the ghost hunting and just wait for the treats!

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