Calling All Good Guys

Gazette 20081030

By Audrey Smythe-Wei
Staff Writer

Thursday, October 30, 2008 — Sometimes, being a superhero is hard work. Crime fighters like BATMAN have to make hard decisions and fight bad guys to protect us. That's why BATMAN has called upon the citizens of Millsberry for this latest assignment — to train their crime-fighting skills and become one of the good guys.

"I always thought fighting crime should be a team effort," said Millsberry Police Chief Arthur Crow, "and we can all do our part to help good win."

Many in the police department speculate that the recent criminal activities of The Joker have sparked BATMAN's interest in helping all citizens.

While BATMAN was unable to be reached for comment, Police Chief Crow outlined the details of just how Millsberry citizens can go about becoming a Good Guy. BATMAN's high-tech BAT-GADGETS will be appearing all over Millsberry. For those eagle-eyed citizens who spot BATMAN's crime-fighting gear, they will get one of the powerful Fruit Roll-Ups Battle Rolls.

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"A good guy must be able to see how ordinary things can be much much more than ordinary," says Crow. "To find all the Fruit Roll-Ups Battle Rolls, a citizen must be active in the Millsberry community, visiting all the neighborhoods."

Only after a citizen has found all the Fruit Roll-Ups BATMAN Battle Rolls will they be awarded the magnificent and very rare Good Guy Trophy. The largest and most amazing award ever given out in Millsberry.

The Police Chief elaborated, "When their collection is complete, their Fruit Roll-Ups Good Guy power meter will be too."

"When I grow up I want to be like BATMAN," one citizen said, "and step one is being one of the Good Guys!" And with that, he dashed out to find BATMAN's BAT-GADGETS and his first Fruit Roll-Up BATMAN Battle Roll.

Find your first Battle Roll >


Thursday, October 30, 2008 — The 4th Annual Millsberry Community Center Halloween Challenge begins today. Be sure to pick up a Halloween costume before you head out on your Trick or Treating adventure. Go door-to-door using the navigation bar at the top of your page. You can trick or treat in your neighborhood or even visit the different neighborhoods around town. The more doorbells you ring, the more treats you'll get. Some houses have better treats than others. Some may not have treats at all, so don't be afraid to explore the town to find the best trick or treating spots. At the end of the Halloween Challenge, the Millsberry citizens who collected the most treats will receive awards based on their participation. It's time to put on your best scary face and let the trick or treating begin!

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