Fruit Gushers® Flavor Shock presents GushBerry

Image: Fruit Gushers® Flavor Shock presents GushBerry
Type: Reward link=Reward
Description: Collect all of the Fruit Gushers and get surprised by their sweet or sour powers! These powers will help you navigate each maze to the "exit" sign, without getting caught by the other kids.

Fruit Gushers® Flavor Shock presents GushBerry
Use the ARROW KEYS to guide yourself past the kids who are after Fruit Gushers Flavor Shock fruit-flavored snacks, just like you!
Advance from level to level by collecting all of the Fruit Gushers fruit-flavored snacks and their boxes, and reaching the 'EXIT' before time has run out. You'll lose a life if time runs out on you.

Bonus points may be rewarded at the end of a level, depending on how fast you were able to complete it.

There are Fruit Gushers on each level that could give you special powers. But remember, you won't know if they're sweet or sour until you collect them!

Sweet Powers: everyone else floats in place, fly over a chasm, be invisible to the other kids, speed up
Sour Powers: other kids disappear, get an extra life

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