Lucky Charms® Charmed Life

Image: Lucky Charms® Charmed Life
Type: Intelligence link=Intelligence
Score For Trophy: 1,250
Description: Collect all of the bowls of Lucky Charms and use magical charms to exit the forest maze without getting caught by the kids!

Use the ARROW KEYS to guide Lucky past the kids who are after his Lucky Charms!

Advance from level to level by helping Lucky collect all the cereal bowls and reach the 'EXIT' before time has run out.

You'll lose a life if Lucky falls into a trap or time runs out on him.

Bonus points may be rewarded at the end of a level, depending on how fast Lucky was able to complete it and how many charms you collected.

There are marshmallow charms on each level that could be of great help to you:

Rainbow Charm = Travel through one tree
Shooting Star Charm = Fly over a chasm
Moon Charm = Be Invisible to the Kids
Clover Charm = Lucky Break! All the kids ran away
Heart Charm = Grant you an extra Life
Horseshoe Charm = Speed away