Mercantile Bank

Here at Millsberry Bank, you can deposit and withdraw your Millsbucks. Established at the founding of Millsberry itself, the bank is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Mr. Oliver Wendlewort, the great-grandson of the founder, is the current bank manager. Every morning, he stops by the painting of his great-grandfather and says "good morning."

About Mercantile BankEdit

The Mercantile Bank is where players can store their hard-earned Millsbucks. Most players keep the majority of their Millsbucks in the bank so that they can collect the daily interest on it.


As long as a player has Millsbucks in the bank, they can collect a daily interest on it. They must do this every day as the interest does not accumulate. The interest the player gets depends on how much they have in the bank and the type of account they have when they collect the interest. The account types and yearly interest rates are as follow:

Account Type Minimum Yearly Interest
Junior Savers 0 Millsbucks 4.4%
Student 5,000 Millsbucks 5.5%
Standard 25,000 Millsbucks 6.6%
Super Saver 100,000 Millsbucks 7.3%
Mega Saver 250,000 Millsbucks 8.4%
Supreme Saver 1,000,000 Millsbucks 10%
Ultra Saver 10,000,000 Millsbucks 11%

Here is a sample of a bank statement:

Bank Statement


You just collected your interest for the day.
You have already collected your interest today!
Thank you for your deposit!
You aren't carrying enough Millsbucks to cover that deposit.
You just made a withdrawal from your account.
You don't have enough Millsbucks in your account to cover that withdrawal.
You didn't move any Millsbucks.
Congratulations on your new account!
Thanks for upgrading your bank account!
Your balance is not large enough for that upgrade.
Unable to determine which account type was selected.