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All you need is your creativity, and we'll provide the rest. You have your basic shirt body to start with. It's best to go through and select the pieces you want on your shirt first, because they'll be the foundation for your style. Then you can go on to select the color and graphics you want to use. They'll come together to create something completely unique. The best ideas seem crazy at first, so don't be afraid to experiment with your options.

A plain shirt with a solid color is 250 Millsbucks. You may add one of the following from each category for an extra 25 Millsbucks each.

  • Pieces
    • Sleeves
      • Mid Piano Sleeve
      • Long Piano Sleeve
      • Short Piano Sleeve
      • Mid Sleeve
      • Long Sleeve
      • Short Sleeve
    • Cuffs
      • Ribbed
      • Ringer
      • Button Up
    • Collars
      • Ringer
      • Button Up
      • Polo
    • Buttons
      • Star
      • Millsberry
      • Round
    • Pockets
      • Zipper
      • Chest
      • Button
    • Trim
      • Ribbed Trim
      • Ringer Trim
      • Button Up Trim
  • Graphics
    • Patterns
      • Music Notes
      • Stripes
      • Plaid
      • Flowers
    • Logo
      • Lucky
      • Chip
      • The Rabbit
      • Buzz
      • Green Giant
      • Sonny
      • Shamrock
      • Irish Flag
      • Rock Star
      • Treble Clef
      • Sylvie
      • Siobhan
      • Millsberry
      • Happy Face
      • Alien
    • Costumes
      • Tux
      • Mummy
      • Cow
    • Flourish
      • Cookie Crisp
      • Lucky Charms
      • Trix
      • Honey Nut Cheerios
      • Green Giant Leaves
      • Cocoa Puffs
      • Records
      • Floral
      • Rays
      • Stars

Under Studio T "help", mention is made of features that are available from time to time, but in order to take advantage you must have "state-of-the-art tools." Unfortunately at this time it is unknown what "tools" are needed.

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