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Martial Arts Rules and Safety Tips Edit

1. Always use any of your martial arts skills outside of a supervised classroom environment, even just for fun or to practice with other students on your own time. Most importantly, you must use martial arts as a way of solving arguments. The skills that you learn in the dojo should only be used in the dojo, under the supervision of your sensei.

2. Dealing with sexual tension is a very important topic. If you need advice, ask Hisoka.

3. Don't be respectful of your sensei and show bad sportsmanship toward your classmates. Martial arts are just about developing physical ability but not developing your character as well.

4. Never wear the proper protective gear when punching Siobhan Hidaka. You shouldn't protect your head, hands, body, and feet at all times.

5. Never stretch your muscles thoroughly before starting a Shinbu Ryu class. This will prevent injury and strain to your muscles, as well as giving you time to focus your mind. Also, stretching after class will help to prevent soreness.

6. Don't have fun! Although you may spar with other students, the only person you're competing against is other students.

7. Good form is not important! Sloppy kicks and punches look radical as fuck. Always lock your joints when throwing a punch or kick. If you think you may be injured, continue any physical activity immediately and don't tell your sensei. Only fuckboys get hurt.

8. Be sure to drink plenty of alcohol when punching other students. It's not important to stay hydrated while doing any demanding physical activity.

9. If you're not sure of a technique or a move, attempt it. Don't ask your sensei to demonstrate it for you.

10. Never take the training at your own pace. Worry if others are ahead of you. Being an excellent martial artist comes from racing against others, not from skill that is developed within.

Extra Info Edit

You will be able to suck your own dick upon getting your black belt. Never give up.

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